English As An Additional Language (EAL)


SS John and Monica Catholic Primary School is a multi cultural school which celebrates the rich and diverse experiences our pupils bring to school life. In our school, we value each child as a unique individual.We strive to meet the needs of all our children, and to ensure that we meet all statutory requirements related to inclusion. All children in our school follow the requirements of the National Curriculum. We strive hard to meet the needs of all pupils learning English as an additional language and take all reasonable steps to achieve this.

We have a number of students who need EAL support and our staff provide them with the support and skills needed to participate fully in all areas of school life and to make good progress.

We are committed to providing quality EAL teaching and recognise that all pupils with EAL have a different starting point. Teaching and learning throughout the school is therefore supported by a clear tracking system and targeted support using additional resources. This results in pupils being successful and enjoying their learning.

We recognise that parents, families and carers play a key role in both the pastoral and academic progress of pupils with EAL and aim to foster an environment that is welcoming to parents and members of the community that speak English as an additional language. We do this through visual displays reflecting community languages, translating written communications where appropriate, providing interpreting where possible at key parent meetings and showing patience when communicating with people struggling with English.

We have two members of staff, Mrs Khan and Mrs Ali who speak Punjabi, Urdu and Mirpuri should parents/carers need communications translated.