Dinner money should be paid online through https://eduspot.co.uk/. Parents can access their child's account through the link sent by school.

If your child misses a day from school, the electronic system picks this up and credits the child's account (this means they do not get charged for a dinner on the day they are absent).

This system has been implemented to safeguard your money and ensure the correct information is recorded.

1 day lunch money £2.60
2 days lunch money £5.20
3 days lunch money £7.80
4 days lunch money £10.40
5 days lunch money £13.00

This price is subject to change by order of the Local Authority. 

  • Applications/enquiries for free meals should be made to the School Office.
  • Children may bring sandwiches for lunch. Children bringing sandwiches can choose to purchase pizza on Fridays (contact the school office for details).
  • Please note: liquids MAY NOT be sent in tins or glass containers.
  • All containers should be secure to avoid damage to schoolbooks and P.E. equipment.
  • Children must remain on their chosen style of meal for the whole half-term


Our children via the School Council, are involved in shaping the school menu by discussing the menu options with the catering manager and making suggestions.

Please note we operate a Healthy Eating Packed Lunch Policy. No sweets, chocolate bars or fizzy drinks may be bought to school. Packed lunches should be balanced and nutritional in value.




School Meals

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